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  • Training Presentations

  • Training Documents

  • Training Templates

  • Checklists

  • Material Development Tools

  • Training Observation Tools

  • Training Business Plan Template

  • Training Invoice Template

  • Training Templates

  • And Much More...

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Why this Toolkit?

If you’d like to deliver powerful content to your participants...that make you impressive...regardless of what level you are on Practitioner, Experienced or an Expert, this toolkit will be the most importantly useful and time-saver that you will ever get.

  • Enhance Your Productivity
  • Add Professionalism in Your Training Sessions
  • Automate Your Training Procedures
  • Save Your Valuable Time

Before we tell you more about it...

Why this Toolkit?

What you're about to get is...the Most Powerful Training Tools, Pre-Training & Post-Training Documents, Training Coordination Tools, Training Designing & Development Tools, Evaluation & Observation Tools, and Much More...(The list of documents is given below)

We (The Training Tools Company Team) have invested 1000+ Hours to design and develop this Trainer's Toolkit. We've added A to Z documents, templates, planners, checklists, and tools which are required to be a Perfect Corporate Trainer. It helps you to add professionalism in your delivery to your participants. What you've to do is Just...EDIT, PRINT & USE!

Let's come to the point...

Here's What Exactly You're Getting...

Training Designing - Principles & Strategies

1 - PPT - 360 Degree Feedback (69 Slides)

2 - PPT - Audio Training (87 Slides)

3 - PPT - Benchmarking (82 Slides)

4 - PPT - Competency (77 Slides)

5 - PPT - Customer Driven Organization (90 Slides)

6 - PPT - Change Leadership Training (69 Slides)

7 - PPT - Change Management Training (71 Slides)

8 - PPT - Coaching Mentoring Training (63 Slides)

9 - PPT - Creative Problem Solving (71 Slides)

10 - PPT - Customer Relationship Management Training (83 Slides)

11 - PPT - Employee Absenteeism (49 Slides)

12 - PPT - Effective Complaint Handling Training (85 Slides)

13 - PPT - Enterprise Dynamic Training (79 Slides)

14 - PPT - Effective Meetings Training (65 Slides)

15 - PPT - Employee Motivation Training (74 Slides)

16 - PPT - Facilitation Skills Training (84 Slides)

17 - PPT - Group Dynamics (61 Slides)

18 - PPT - Human Resources Management (106 Slides)

19 - PPT - Recruitment and Selection (87 Slides)

20 - PPT - Interpersonal Skills (70 Slides)

21 - PPT - Interviewing Skills (84 Slides)

22 - PPT - Strategic Management (51 Slides)

23 - PPT - Job Analysis (81 Slides)

24 - PPT - Job Description (61 Slides)

25 - PPT - Leadership (81 Slides)

26 - PPT - Leadership and Delegation (64 Slides)

27 - PPT - Leadership & Influence (78 Slides)

28 - PPT - Managing Conflict (66 Slides)

29 - PPT - Negotiation Skills (50 Slides)

30 - PPT - Organizational Behavior (59 Slides)

31 - PPT - Communication Skills (43 Slides)

32 - PPT - Organizational Issues (77 Slides)

33 - PPT - Organizational Structure (63 Slides)

34 - PPT - Personal Productivity (67 Slides)

35 - PPT - Performance Appraisal (63 Slides)

36 - PPT - Project Management (84 Slides)

37 - PPT - Presentation Skills (71 Slides)

38 - PPT - Quality Management (67 Slides)

39 - PPT - Strategic Decision Making (76 Slides)

40 - PPT - Strategy Leadership & Culture (77 Slides)

41 - PPT - Stress Management (62 Slides)

42 - PPT - Strategic Management and Measurement Training (76 Slides)

43 - PPT - Selling Professional Services (106 Slides)

44 - PPT - The Excellent Organization (63 Slides)

45 - PPT - Time Management Training (74 Slides)

46 - PPT - Training Need Analysis (50 Slides)

47 - PPT - The New Manager Training (105 Slides)

48 - PPT - Technical Reporting and Writing Skills Training (76 Slides)

49 - PPT - Telesales (52 Slides)

50 - PPT - The Work Organization Training (65 Slides)

Training Coordination (Pre-Training Documents)

1 - Build A Strong System (Word)

2 - Leadership Characteristics (Word)

3 - Identifying Roles & Responsibilities format (Word)

4 - The Complete Training Work - Plan (Word)

5 - Training - Workshop Planning (Word)

6 - Speaker Information Form (Word)

7 - Speaker Presentation Form (Word)

8 - Selecting and Making Arrangements for A Training Facility (Word)

9 - Equipping Training Place (Word)

10 - Mandatory Traveling Tools (Word)

11 - Training Place - Contact List (Word)

12 - Training Manual Checklist (Word)

13 - Logistics Management - Worksheet (Word)

14 - Training Agenda Template (Word)

15 - Sign-in Sheet One Day (Word)

16 - Participants Sign-in Sheet - 5 Days AM PM - 15 Participants (Word)

17 - Pre & Post Course TO DO Checklist (Word)

Training Needs Assessment (6 Files)

1 - Training Needs Assessment Worksheet (Word)

2 - Adult Learning Principles (Word)

3 - Teaching Adult Learners - Tips and Styles (Word)

4 - Essential Principles of Adult Learners (Word)

5 - Learning Styles (Word)

6 - Personal Learning Styles Inventory (Excel)

Training Designing - Principles & Strategies

1 - Creating a Training Program Using the ADDIE Model


2 - The Course Design Process (Word)

3 - Curriculum Design (Word)

4 - Training Designing Competencies Checklist (Word)

5 - Curriculum Design Worksheet (Word)

6 - Guidelines for Creating and Assessing Your Curriculum Evaluation Methodology (Word)

Training Designing - Learning Outcomes

1 - Core Concepts of Training Creating Learning Objectives (Word)

2 - Core Concepts of Training Verbs for Writing Learning Objectives (Word)

3 - Designing Learning Outcomes (Word)

Training Materials Development

1 - Training Material Production Workplan (Word)

2 - Standards for the Production of Training Curricula  (Word)

3 - Training Development Worksheet (Word)

4 - Creating a Trainer's Manual Template (Word)

5 - Creating a Trainer's Manual Template - Sample (Word)

6 - Training Planning Template (Word)

7 - Sample Presentation (Word)

8 - Guidelines for Preparing Training Notes (Word)

Training Delivery Methods

1 - Facilitating Common Training Methods (Word)

2 - Instructional Methods Advantages and Possible Disadvantages (Word)

3 - Providing a Positive Learning Experience (Word)

4 - Interactive Learning Goals, Challenges, and Methods (Word)

5 - Delivering Effective PowerPoint Presentations (Word)

6 - Teaching with Trigger Films (Word)

7 - Ice Breaker Activities (Word)

Training Reports & Analysis Templates

1 - Training Cost Analysis (Word)

2 - Training Gap Analysis (Word)

3 - Training Needs Analysis Report (Word)

Training Business - Other Supportive Documents

1 - Participants Information (Word)

2 - Trainer Checklist (Word)

3 - Training and Development Plan (Word)

4 - Training Log (Word)

Training Evaluations - Developing Evaluations

1 - Training Day - Ongoing Evaluation (Word)

2 - Suggestions for Creating Knowledge Tests (Word)

3 - Writing Training Evaluation Questions Worksheet (Word)

Training Evaluations - Process Evaluations

1 - Needs Assessment Competencies Checklist (Word)

2 - Training Design Competencies Checklist (Word)

3 - Training Development Competencies (Word)

Training Evaluations - General Evaluation Tools (5 Files)

1 - Daily Evaluation Form (Word)

2 - Training Evaluation and Learning Self Assessment (Word)

3 - Post-Training Summary Evaluation (Word)

4 - Train The Trainer Summary Evaluation #1 Short (Word)

5 - Train The Trainer Summary Evaluation #2 Long (Word)

Training Evaluations - Deep Evaluation Tools

1 - Evaluation using Focus Groups Topic Guide (Word)

2 - Trainer's Skills Competencies Checklist (Word)

3 - Trainer Attributes Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)

4 - Instructional Design & Materials Evaluation Form (Word)

5 - Instructional Design & Materials Evaluation Guidelines (Word)

6 - Trainer Debriefing Guide (Word)

Training Observation Tools

1 - Training Observation Instrument (Word)

2 - Expert Observer Rating Tool (Word)

3 - Group Activity Observation Form (Word)

Training Business Plan & Guidelines

1 - Training & Consulting Business Plan Template (Word)

2 - Training Business Guidelines (Word)

Training Business Marketing Tools

1 - Annual Marketing Budget Planning Template (Excel)

2 - Marketing Strategy (PPT)

3 - Content Writing & Marketing Strategy (PPT)

4 - Email Marketing Strategy Template (PPT)

5 - Email Marketing Planner (Word)

6 - Marketing Plan Outline (Word)

7 - Social Media Calendar Template (Word)

8 - Social Media Strategy (Word)

Training Business Invoice Templates

1 - Invoice Template - Consulting Invoice (Word)

2 - Invoice Template - Sales Invoice (Word)

3 - Invoice Template - Sample Timesheet Invoice (Word)

4 - Invoice Template - Training Invoice (Word)


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Let's see how you can use it.

All the documents are compatible with...

Who this Toolkit is Best for:

- Business Trainer

- Corporate Speaker

- Motivational Speaker

- Soft Skills Speaker

- Training Coordinator

- Key Note Speaker

- Business Consultant

- Employee Motivator

- HR Professionals

- Training Manager

- Management Students

- Management Trainee

- Sales Trainer

- Business Author

- Training Evaluator

What're the Primary Benefits?

  • You save more than 1000+ Hours, as we've already done it for you.
  • It helps you to Add Professionalism in your Pre-Training & Post-Training Procedures.
  • Training Coordination made easy with Easy to Use and Ready To Use Templates.
  • Get Ready To Read and Deliver content of 50 Business Topics in 50 Well Designed PowerPoint presentations.
  • Quick Start Your Training Business with given Training Business Plan, Training Invoice, Marketing Tools, Infographics, and other templates.
  • Training - Coordination, Designing, Developing, Delivery, Pre & Post Procedures, Planner, Checklists, Evaluation & Observation - Everything in Just One Toolkit !


What are the Training Tools & Templates?

The purpose of our Training Tools is to train your participants, trainees, or students explore themselves - either as homework in their own time, in session or perhaps in a seminar with you.

They are a mix of Necessary Training Documents eg. Training Coordination, Training Needs Assessment, Ready To Use Training Presentations, Training Designing Templates, Training Delivery Methods, Effective Communication Skills, Training Evaluation Tools, Training Observation Tools, and Training Business Documents like Training Business Documents, Training Marketing Tools , Training Business Invoice Templates, Pre-Training and Post-Training Documents and Checklists, and much more...

Through the tools the participant is given space to exercise on their own insights themselves which they then discuss and delve deeper into with you. What new insights have they gained? What does that mean for them? What are they going to do about it?

What are the LICENSING Terms? Can I BRAND the tools?

Here are the answers to the top questions we are asked:

You MAY:

- Rebrand our tools and products as directed, for use directly with your prospects, one-to-many participants, one-to-one coaching clients, group meeting and workshop attendees.

- Email the tools to your clients and prospects, and also print them out for use in one-on-one coaching, group coaching and workshops.

You May NOT:

- Resell the tools - in whole or in part. This includes using our tools as part of a free or paid eCourse or eBook.

- Give away our products or make them available online as a free resource. This includes but is not limited to; making our tools available on your website, in a private members' area on your website, posting our tools on social media, using our tools as a giveaway with newsletter sign-up, using our tools as a bonus or gift in a blog post, product or other marketing project and including our tools in a page of free resources for your clients.

What About The Social Media Graphics Tools?

SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS ONLY: You may brand and post your purchased Social Media Graphics online. This means you may post on Social Media platforms and on your website (eg. in a blog post).

SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS ONLY: While you may post your purchased Social Media Graphics on Social Media platforms and on your website, you may not resell or give them away.

Find the full details of our licensing terms and permitted uses of our tools on our LEGAL page >>


- All our prices are in US Dollars.

- You can choose whether to pay using your Visa, Mastercard or Amex or your Paypal account if you have one.

- Paypal is the "back-end" payment processing "engine" - it's a secure, online payment system used by millions of people worldwide.

- PLEASE NOTE: Payments will show as being made to Ilajitu Ventures Private Limited MyStartupBell.com is a division of Ilajitu Ventures Private Limited.

Our Pricing Explained

We believe the tools are amazing value, you can do the math for yourself:

- The tools are mostly under $10, professional, have a consistent look and feel and have been extensively road-tested!

- Brand-able. Add your own logo/details and they’re ready to go to work for you!

- Let’s say you’re worth $100 an hour. Could you create one of these tools in 6 minutes?

- Could your VA or personal assistant create one of these tools in 15 minutes or less?

We could charge more, but we really enjoy researching, thinking up and creating these tools. So, it’s fun for us.

And we want buying these tools to be a 'no-brainer' - the more people that buy them the more people that will benefit from them! And obviously the more coaching tools we sell, the better it is for us!

We also live in a world where coaching and therapy are more important than ever to help people think for themselves, learn, grow and be truly happy (or perhaps simply content). Coaching is a growth industry!

Although we want you to brand these tools for yourself and use them with clients in your practice, we retain copyright. The Coaching Tools, Exercises and products are not priced to be used for marketing or promotional purposes - whether they are given away or resold. Read more about the License here.

How are the Tools Delivered?

All our products are electronic. We currently use Shopify, a tried and tested professional shopping-cart that specifically caters to e-products.

Once you've paid, you are returned to a page on our website and provided with links to download your products.

- IMPORTANT: For our Toolkits, Programs and Power-pack you will need to copy or Extract the files from the .ZIP folder onto your computer.

- CAN'T FIND YOUR FILES? If you click a download link and can't find your files, check the "Downloads" directory on your computer.

As a back-up, you will ALSO be emailed an order confirmation that contains links to your products (this goes to the email address you entered at Checkout).

How do I know my PAYMENT is SECURE?

- Firstly, we went through a strict process to be recognized officially as a "secure" site - as designated by the s after the http:// - so you'll see https:// at the beginning of all our web page addresses together with our verified company information.

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What format do the Tools and Resources come in?

- Each Product tells you what format it is in under the Product Details tab on the Product page.

- Most of the Coaching Tools are supplied in Microsoft Word .docx format 1 - so that everyone can easily customize and add their branding details etc.

- Some products are .pdf (eBooks and user guides) and .jpg (images) format.

- Each Microsoft Word Tool works in both the Letter and A4 paper size.

Please Note: To correctly open and edit our tools you will need a full version of Microsoft Word. We do not support opening and editing the tools in other document viewers/software. This includes the free version of Microsoft Word Online - which is limited in functionality and does not support many standard word-processing features including "Headers and Footers" (where you add your branding), the display of objects - which could include images, and cover pages.

Do you provide UPDATES for the Tools?

We do sometimes update our tools and resources, including occasionally adding new tools to toolkits. We usually announce these updates in our newsletter.

The latest version of a product can be supplied on request for up to 12 months after purchase.

Simply contact us with your order number or the email address you used to make your purchase, and we will send you the up-to-date product or .zip file.


I must say that the products presented by MyStartupBell.com are best quality products. The content designed by their team is powerful and useful. As a public speaker, I always had to focus on professionalism and delivery. MyStartupBell.com's Corporate Trainer's Toolkit provided everything what a trainer or public speaker needs all the time to present his / her professionalism in the training session.

Bhargav Zalavadiya

Public Speaker, India

I am an Architect based in India. I purchased MyStartupBell.com's premium product Corporate Trainer's Toolkit for my self development and to train or guide my employees in professional way. MyStartupBell.com' ready to use training documents and templates have saved my time and made my tasks very easy.

Ankit Mangukiya

Architect, Ankit Architects Inc.

Today, we all find options to save our time. Sometimes we heartily feel that time is not money in actual, but time is more important than it. MyStartupBell.com is doing exactly what you need. They people are helping you to save your time and helps to get done everything in easy way. They help you to present yourself and your training business professionally. 

Mansi Patel

Fashion Designer


The Cosmetics Bundle now $39(original price $195)